Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Hodgepodge

On Saturday Michelle, who is doing a lot of Jillian Michaels stuff right now, suggested I try on some clothes I haven't tried on for a while. The last time I tried a bunch of clothes on was Dec 1, when things weren't quite as bad as I feared BUT the scale was telling a scary story. Since Dec 1 I am down nearly, as they'd say in the UK, a stone. Considering there was 3 weeks of Christmas gain/losing the Christmas gain, and then a nasty plateau, I'm really happy with that.

Anyway, I tried on some stuff. There are a few shirts I can wear now that I haven't worn since 2007-8. I also tried on some pants. The navy pair that I could get on but couldn't fasten now fit, and the dressy pants I couldn't even get over my hips I can now fasten but they are too tight. Michelle made a point of telling me to try on things that were tight because it is hard to see results in looser clothes and she was right.

We got off track with our workout plan for a week or so while dh was on antibiotics, and during that time I treadmilled a lot and kept up with dog walks. But we're back on track and today we start phase 3-4 of our Power 90 workout and I'm looking forward to it. We talked a lot during our last cardio workout which tells me that we're ready to kick it up a level. Good news considering we could barely breathe through it when we started...

Ok so other hodge-podge type news:

Chapter Four of my online read Remember Me Cowboy is up at eharlequin.

And a week from today I start my workshop To Agent or Not To Agent with the Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal chapter of RWA. You can still register...if you're a writer and wondering if you need an agent now or in the future, whether you're unpublished or published, this is the workshop for you. :-)

Now I'm off to give my book one final pass before sending it back to my editor with firmly crossed fingers.


  1. Congrats on losing a stone! I've lost half a stone in the past month, just one more half to go, then the fun part - maintaining it. Now off to check out your on line read!

  2. Yes, when you can talk you are in need to take the exercise up a level :-)