Friday, February 11, 2011

#Fridayreads - An Exercise in Futility

So last week for #Fridayreads I blogged about culling the TBR. It was painful. In the end, I took 8 books out of my stacks. They are destined for a better place than languishing in my bookcase.

So briefly, I felt a little lighter. It *was* a bit liberating. I remember in university taking courses and while I mostly loved my books there were some I just hated feeling like I HAD to read them. For example, I am not a Dickens fan. This was like that - only I know there's no exam at the end so I really did give myself a break.

But then I went to Toronto. And I experienced The Wall of Books.

For those of you who don't know what the Wall of Books is, there is a hallway lined with all the boxes of the current releases. Proud Rancher, Precious Bundle was there which was pretty cool. And when I was asked, "are there any you'd like to have?" I was wishing I'd brought a bigger bag and at the same time very glad I didn't because it's like putting me in a chocolate store and saying Go to it.

In the end I added five books to my TBR. I know. I just got rid of eight and I added five more in about a 30 second span. And you know what? I have even more I'm buying soon because our RWA chapter is having a group signing. Getting rid of the TBR is an exercise in futility. But what a lovely dilemma to have!

What came home with me?

Laurie London's debut, BONDED BY BLOOD
Courtney Milan's UNVEILED
2 Sarah Mayberry's - her current release, THE LAST GOODBYE, and also HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS because Jayne said it made her bawl buckets
and Tosca Reno's YOUR BEST BODY NOW

The good news is, next week I may actually have a real #Fridayreads post as I only have 1 more book to read for the RITAS.  I finished one on the plane on Monday and read half of another on the return trip Tuesday.

Also as a brief PS - yesterday I received a new contract. OFF THE CLOCK (the novella on the sidebar) has sold to Samhain Publishing. :-) Yay!

What are you reading today? And what are you looking at adding to your TBR?


  1. Err - make that 'added 6' - guess what I just sent you?


  2. Futility? Yes! It finally dawned on me that if I buy eight books a month and read four, things are going to start piling up. I think I have three file boxes of TBR books. Maybe a couple hundred. And another hundred ebooks on my PDA. I don't have any Donna Alward books in my TBR pile. They always raise to the top, like cream, and get read soon after arriving. Coming in the mail, soon I hope, will be PR,PB and The Frugalista Files
    by Natalie McNeal. And on my TBB list so far? The Proper Wife by Winnie Griggs...

  3. Hi Donna!

    Just had to drop in and tell you that Proud Rancher, Precious Bundle has traveled from my TBR pile to my keepers box.

    I really think this is one of your best books. I loved Wyatt ~ such a hard working troubled soul with the ability to change and finally reconcile with his troubled past. Elli finds peace in the story as well. Darcy is a precious bundle. I am glad you had the courage to put in Barbara and her bout with PPD. It gave a lot of depth to the story. Now I'm waiting for your next HR.

    The Wall of Books sounds awesome. I admire you for stopping at just 5 books ~such control. I would have been in heaven in such a situation.