Friday, February 04, 2011

#Fridayreads - Culling the Herd

I confess: there are books on my TBR that I don't want to read.

It isn't that they are BAD books. I'm sure they are not. But I always bear in mind that not everyone will like MY books - people have different tastes. So I too have tastes and I have held on to some books simply because they have been on my tbr and I have resisted taking them out.

Today I am culling the herd of my TBR.

How did I come by these books? Some of them were freebies from events, some were gifts. None of the books I'm pulling out are ones I bought for myself. And there are not many that are going to go. But With 80-some books on the pile, I am letting go of the feeling of obligation and setting them free. They will be donated to worthy causes.

I've resisted for so long because of my upbringing, which isn't such a bad thing. I was taught not to be wasteful. And I was taught to be a finisher - or at least that's a personality trait of mine. You start something, you finish. You guys, pulling these books out goes against a LOT but I know I'm going to feel strangely liberated at the end.

So here goes. I'll come back with the final tally....


  1. Um Donna, you feel like spring cleaning in this weather? I can see cleaning closets and junk drawers as something people clean out, but a tbr pile? Come on... bet it'll take days as you 'scan' the books just in case you're missing something good. Hahaha

    Anita Mae

  2. You are not being wasteful! You are sending them on to bless someone who will truly enjoy them.
    I tend to get books a lot as presents b/c I'm "the bookish one."
    Some of them are great, some of them I try and am pleasantly surprised, and some I just now I am never going to read in a million years.
    A friend got me a book about polygamy for my birthday. Yikes! Not my cup of tea, but someone will find it at the library and love it.

  3. Donna Thats something I need to do but I probably won't.