Thursday, February 10, 2011

Crazy February. I haz it.

Well, it's firmly back into reality today. The lovely glow from my trip to Toronto is waning as I deal with healthy kids but an under-the-weather husband, having to bake Valentine's Day shortbread this afternoon, a PR event this evening, 3 admin jobs that need doing ASAP, and the revisions that just landed in my inbox. Just in time for the 2 week school break! Thankfully as long as I limit the Rock Band time on the wii (you can't possibly concentrate when someone is playing drums!) the kids are usually pretty good about letting me work.

On the revisions end of things, I'll spend today and maybe tomorrow really thinking about how to approach the things that need fixing. They are not, I think, hard changes, but sometimes those sorts of changes take the most time as you deal with a thread or arc that runs throughout. But I have once again bypassed the revisions panic stage and have moved directly to the come up with ideas for making the changes stage. :-)

Right now it is a load of clothes in the dryer and lunch and those admin jobs out of the way. And cookies...


  1. There was me thinking it was you playing drums on rockband... Hope things quiet down in March, although I'm jealous of your revisions!

  2. Definitely cookies! ;) I hope things quiet down soon!