Thursday, February 17, 2011

Complete and Utter Craziness

Yesterday I couldn't get out the driveway. We had snow, then rain, then cold, and the drive is a sheet of ice. I don't have enough weight in my back end (of my truck, lol) and so I just could not get up the drive.

Which yesterday was inconvenient, but the husband tried to get it up to the road this morning so I could go to an 8 a.m. appointment and no dice. It is his week to drive to work (he carpools) but his buddy drove this morning so I could have the car. AWD is awesome with sauce. I made the appointment. But boy what a pain. It is supposed to be mild the next few days so I'm hoping things MELT.

The appointment? We're entering the wonderful world of orthodontia in my house. I figure by the time we're out, the eldest will be ready for college. Must add write more books to the to-do list!

In other news, I have been struggling through revisions, making some things better but still feeling like I was missing something. And then about 20 minutes ago I GOT IT.  It pains me to think that it took me a week of slogging through for the light to go on. If I had figured this out earlier, I might have been done by now.

But that's not how it worked out, so the most important thing is I HAVE figured it out and now know what I have to do.

I did mention this was crazy February, right? I'm still planning on getting these revisions done, and getting my tax stuff done by the 28th.

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