Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wine, Cheese and Romance

Press Release: On Thursday, February 10, Bconnected and the Romance Writers of Atlantic Canada will come together for a night of “Nova Scotia Networking: A Romantic Affair.” Can Nova Scotia networking really be romantic? In February, indeed it can…or at least that is what event sponsors claim.

Lynn MacMichael, president of Bconnected and co-sponsor of the event, is excited for the pre-Valentine’s celebration, which will bring together the Halifax networking elite and local romance writers for wine and cheese, great works of art, and the art of the written word.

Event publications ensure the community that “kissing is not required, but if you’d like to grab your date for a smooch while no one is looking, Cupid will no doubt be pleased.”

The Nova Scotia networking event, which will take place at the Argyle Fine Art Gallery, will provide an opportunity for the Halifax business community to mingle with some of Halifax’s finest local authors. Halifax has a number of published authors who are known world-wide, and the goal of this event is to bring the two communities together.

Businesspeople and writers are encouraged to attend along with a date if they so choose, for a night of networking, mingling and fun. “Celebrate Valentine’s Day by giving yourself the gift of a night out to get to know more members of our fabulous Halifax community.”

The event will take place on Thursday, February 10 at the Argyle Fine Art Gallery (1559 Barrington Street, Suite 102) from 6:00-9:00 PM. It is free to attend, and there will be a cash bar.

To find out more about Nova Scotia Networking with Bconnected and the RWAC visit http://www.lynnmacmichael.com/  or http://www.romancewritersac.com/.


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