Thursday, January 06, 2011

Ugly Ducklings

I love Ugly Duckling stories, Cinderella stories - any kind of story where a plain Jane heroine spends a lot of time as a caterpillar and for one shining moment gets to be a butterfly.  People hide behind all sorts of things, and some people spend a lot of time trying to NOT stand out for various reasons. Such is the case for my heroine, who is smart, brave, independent, and really capable. But she's not very girly. And these days she's kind of afraid to be feminine. In short - she really does not feel very feminine and pretty.

I'm having fun, along with her 2 best friends, at playing fairy godmother.  I enjoyed doing the research for it - like looking for the perfect dress and shoes (incidentally, Louboutin makes the most beautiful slingbacks on the face of the earth). Meg has some specific wardrobe challenges, and it takes Lily's deft sewing skills to create the perfect dress. Most of all I am enjoying the end result - the look on Clay Gregory's face when he sees Meg across the vestibule of the church. Something clicks for him and he's not at all happy about it. The Meg he's used to wears jeans and old cowboy boots and barn jackets.

Because I started on the wrong tack with this story, times's a little tight getting it in on deadline, but that's okay. I'm enjoying writing it and I have a wonderful reward planned for after it's handed in! And no, it's not Louboutin shoes...


  1. I love ugly duckling stories too. One of my favorites is Julia Quinn's Romancing Mr. Bridgerton. I've read it a few times and it still makes me smile.

    Good luck making your deadline!

  2. Hi Donna

    Kate Walker mentioned you in her blog and I was curious to take a peek.

    I'm a hopeless romantic/ reader and this type of genre is my favourite number one reading habit *lol*

    Looking forward to reading some of your titles!!

    Compliments of the season
    Rita from South Africa

  3. p.s. I adore shoes, travelling becomes a nightmare as I always struggle to leave any pairs behind, sounds familiar?? LOL

  4. Welcome to the blog, Rita! I do hope you'll come back and visit!

    I'm always so thrilled to talk to readers from far and away. I'm in touch with a few from South Africa and I think that's just so cool! LOL

    Jill - thanks - and speaking of, I haven't hit word count yet! My sister phoned and our chats are never short!

  5. Thanks Donna glad to. As an avid reader it is great to meet new authors that you can get your teeth into more reading *grin*

    You can add another name to your South African list now *lol*


  6. Hi Donna,

    Just love the red dress. I'd never be able to walk in the shoes but they look mighty fine.

    I'm hoping you made your word count today.