Monday, January 31, 2011


I have lots to keep me busy this month, so today I start tackling number one on the list: revising my novella, Off the Clock, for my Samhain editor. She made a really great point about the heroine's backstory that I'm incorporating, and then asked about adding a few extra scenes. First time around I was limited to a 20k word count. This time I have room to explore a few things. I still think it'll come in around 25-30k, but that's okay. I completely agree with her on what needs changing. So that's happening this week.

Since my husband's tax forms will be coming at the end of the month, getting my things ready for the accountant is on the list too. I'll be able to do that in a day, but oh what a day it will be. LOL. And then there's the new proposal for my Harlequin editor and each day a little bit more of the story/concept comes to me so I'm looking forward to that. And speaker forms are due to RWA by the 15th. Plus I am going to be in Toronto next week (tres cool!), and beginning on the 28th I'm giving a workshop called To Agent or Not To Agent at the Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal RWA Chapter.

And of course there's always the chance that revisions for Clay and Meg will show up in my inbox. :-) Oh and I can't forget the 2 week school break coming up...

But it is good to have the work because it means good things, and I'm really excited about starting on my next Romance too.

The one thing I am going to have to be aware of - and I made sure I did this in January during deadline hell - is making time for me. I guard that time as closely as my work time, actually. I know my best ways of unwinding. Reading, watching a tv program, knitting, walking the dog, a jacuzzi bath. I really need ways to quiet my mind and just BE and gain energy for the next day.

Anyway off to revision land! It's quite nice working on a story about spring when it's bitterly cold and white outside!

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