Monday, January 24, 2011

Movie Watching Redux

I watched three movies over the weekend, so here's the skinny:

First up: Letters To Juliet. The girls and I watched this Friday night. Really cute, great characters, gorgeous setting. Tissues in a few places, too. My only disappointment was that from a writer's POV I would have liked to have seen Charlie post a letter to Juliet in Verona - a bring-it-back-around sort of symmetry to the story idea. But in all other ways, we really liked it. There is a reason why Redgrave was acting royalty, I think. She was lovely.

Next: Shrek Forever After. OMG, I laughed a LOT. This might be my favourite Shrek movie, although I have to say that I really liked 1 and 2 as well (3 was my least fave). We watched this as a family and had a great time.

Last, and my least favourite: The Back Up Plan with Jennifer Lopez and Alex O'Loughlin. Alex O'Loughlin. Alex O'Loughlin. I say it many times because he was the best part of this movie. Truly. If it hadn't been for Alex O'Loughlin I would have turned it off.  But Alex is hot. Scrummy hot. So thank you casting director, your choice saved the movie IMO.

My other watching on the weekend included finishing Season 2 of MI5 (Spooks). I had to watch epi 1 of season 3 because OMG. Have I mentioned I love Netflix?

Last night I made headway on RITA reading.

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