Monday, January 03, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Mommy!

My mum is celebrating a birthday today. I sent her pressie with her Christmas stuff so the big event today on my part was a phone call this morning. I suspect a dinner out is on the schedule for tonight. My step-dad does tend to spoil her, though she deserves every bit.

I'm finishing up the last of my admin for the month so tomorrow I can really hit the WRITING with a vengeance. In my travels I discovered that One Dance With The Cowboy is out in Portugal this month. 

Meanwhile I'm off to finish these few tasks - I have split pea and ham soup simmering, and I expect some reading is on the docket for later today!


  1. Happy birthday to your mum! Congrats on One Dance With the Cowboy! Each book can never visit too many countries :)

  2. Hi Donna,

    Happy new year. I love seeing your covers from other countries. Happy peaceful writing.

  3. Happy birthday to your mum! Caroline x