Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Getting my butt in gear

Michelle Styles (who as most of you know is my critique partner) did a post today on Shredding - aka losing weight and doing a Jillian Michaels workout. As she points out there is such a thing as writer's bum because the very nature of writing means sitting in a chair and putting your hands on the keyboard. This leads to a host of issues - weight gain, RSI, posture. I have wrist rests to keep the RSI at bay. And for the posture thing, I've started having a therapeutic massage every few months especially as I carry a lot of tightness and tension in my upper back and neck. For the weight gain, I've been stuck.

Until December. I'd been chatting to Michelle and I'd stepped on the scale. Last winter I dropped 14 lbs, but over the course of the summer and fall I'd put 7 of it back on. We were going to a wedding and I could get my dress ON but it needed some smoothing out. And I was sick and tired of it. So we restarted our workout program (which as you know helps with a lot more than calorie burn) and I made some dietary changes. The dress did fit better after the 3 weeks. I was actually amazed at how fast I dropped some of the weight.

A year and a half ago I chatted with my doctor's nurse about weight and we analyzed my diet. Apparently there was not much wrong with it. We do not eat a lot of junk food - it is definitely the occasional treat. We don't keep pop or chips in the house. My one concession to sweets is generally buying dark chocolate in the groceries, and then sharing it with my husband. We eat a lot of veggies. Lean meats. So what had to go?


Bread, rice, pasta, potatoes.

Now, I don't subscribe to the school of cutting something out completely. There are important nutrients in those things, especially as we're a whole grain kind of family. But I cut back A LOT.  Instead of egg beaters and toast in the morning, it is egg beaters and a piece of fruit. Sometimes I do go for grains and have oatmeal with protein powder and a bit of cinnamon mixed in (yummy!) Instead of a sandwich or wrap at lunch, it's salad with chicken. Snacks are fruit or yogurt, or a smoothie made with almond breeze.

In the evening, our "big" meal, I eat starch and watch the portion. Last night it was pork loin chops, salad, and 1/2 cup of rice. Tonight it is baked penne and salad. I might have a small baked potato as my starchy choice. And a piece of toast with butter and raspberry jam? That's a treat. I went out for lunch on Saturday. That was a treat. I like treats. They help me feel normal.

Our exercise plan? Tony Horton's Power 90. Once we finish, I might see about P90x, but when we bought Power 90 I didn't think we were ready for P90x yet. Last night was cardio - which is 38 min and then about 6 min of abs. Tonight is sculpt, which is only 30 min, but I wish I'd bought an extra set of handles for our bands because I could stand to move up a resistance level and we have the band for it but all the handles are in use. I might do some ordering. And I start the day with the dog walk.

On the nights I don't want to work out (and yes, we have skipped nights) a lot of the time I tell myself I'll be glad I've done it and I always am. And last week when I wasn't feeling so great, I went on the treadmill instead.

Anyway with RWA Nationals coming up in New York, I'm hoping to be in some different clothes than I am now! :-)

The point is, the key to making it work is finding what works FOR YOU. I really enjoy this workout and the dietary adjustment is making a HUGE difference. And seeing results is motivating. :-)

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