Friday, January 21, 2011

#Fridayreads - It's RITA time, and Bree Tanner

I had a breakthrough last night as I push to finish the book, and today is my day to blog with the Harlequin Romance authors at eharlequin, so you can read all about what opened it all up for me HERE.

The next few weeks are going to be difficult to post for #Fridayreads because it's officially RITA time. That is, the super seekrit package of books have arrived for judging and so they automatically go to the top of the reading list.

I'll be honest. In years past I've read some fabulous books and got turned on to new authors, and I've also read some that I thought were pretty bad, and then others that were just okay. When I saw my list of books this year I got very excited. For one, I got 6 books instead of the 8 I got last year. And every single one of them looks good. Four of them are from my first choice of category. Lovely!

But of course I can't tell you what they are or who they are by so...

So what ELSE am I reading?

I'm finishing up The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner by Stephenie Meyer and re-reading the first Harry Potter book. I started Bree Tanner before my RITA books arrived and we started re-reading HP (out loud) after Christmas when I expressed a hankering to read the series again before the last movie comes out.

I talked to my daughter about Bree Tanner as she read it before me and we agreed that the lack of chapters is disconcerting. I know it is a "novella" but it IS 170 pages and so no chapter breaks feels kind of odd. Especially for me because I am so a "just let me finish this chapter" before putting it down person. I'm used to chapter breaks. Ending hooks. One thing being resolved only to create another problem.

And there aren't really SCENE breaks either, so I don't even have the empty line to say "This is a good place to stop". It seems like a small thing but it actually threw me off a lot.

And I don't like it as well as I liked the books. That being said, it's not a difficult read, and it's not that it's not enjoyable. It's just not, well, spectacular. This is an "add-on" book and it kind of feels like it, honestly.

Now, whatever am I going to talk about next Friday?

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