Friday, January 14, 2011

#Fridayreads - Burning the TBR at Both Ends

Ok so I'm not ACTUALLY burning my TBR, or even burning through it, but I'm working on it which is fab.

I have this "organization" thing which makes me very linear. I like lists. I like crossing things off lists. I especially like crossing things off in SEQUENCE. BUT my tbr doesn't always work that way. I have books I want to read or need to read or whatever that are at any random spot in the tbr list (yes, you knew I had to have one, right?).

This year my aim is to read the next book on my list sequentially at the rate of one a month. After that book is done, I can read the next on the list or any book at all that I want. But systematically I'll be working through my TBR from the beginning, therefore reading those books that have been on my tbr for ages.

Some of them have languished because they are so LONG. For example, I have The Writer's Journey on my TBR. And Wives and Daughters which is ginormous. But you know, starting at number 13 I have a whole lot of category romances. It's January and I already have read the first three on my list (I read the first 2 in December). So that's good.

But my methodical plan is already under attack as my RITA books are scheduled to arrive any day now and I've seen the list of what's coming my way. OMG y'all, it's a fab list. I think I'm going to be in reader HEAVEN.

But I'll deal with that later. For now here's the lowdown (sort of) on my first three reads of the year....

CALLING THE SHOTS: Ellen Hartman. Sorry guys, you'll have to wait for the review for this one, as it's the Pink Heart Picks Book Club pick for January, and the review will be up on the PHS blog the last Thursday of this month (where I'll also announce the next pick).

BREAKING THE GOVERNESS'S RULES: Michelle Styles. Michelle's my CP and we always send each other hardcover copies of our books. This book changed a lot from the version I critiqued - and yet it remained the same story. The emotional stakes were upped and Lou is a spunky, independent heroine who does like to have her own way - and Jonathon is used to having HIS own way....yeah. :-) She's also brave, and a scene near the end was my particular favourite. Michelle is probably tired of hearing me say this but I do want Nella to have her own story. I said it in COMPROMISING MISS MILTON and I repeated it after reading this one. Nella has always reminded me a lot of Margaret Dashwood, particularly the Margaret from Emma Thompson Sense and Sensibility, and wouldn't you all love to know what happened to Margaret when she grew up????? (I would!)

THE LEOPARD PRINCE: Elizabeth Hoyt  My first by this author and highly, highly enjoyable. Great characters, great plot, great conflict! The only thing that twigged was word choice in the "sexy bits" and that is a simple taste issue. The biggest disappointment in this book? The secondaries were so intriguing that I wanted to read ALL their stories - the three brothers, Violet, and especially Bennet. But I went to Hoyt's site and it doesn't appear that she's written those stories. I haz a sad over that. I could have easily seen this as a six book series marrying them all off. And a novella about Will when he grew up. And I would have bought every single one.

So what am I reading now? Well, until my RITA books arrive, I'm reading The White Bone by Barbara Gowdy. I am not at all sure about a book from an elephant's POV or the fact that there is a family tree followed by a five page glossary on the inside. But who knows. I may love it.

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