Thursday, January 20, 2011

Deadline Stress-O-Meter

I realized that as deadlines approach there's a stress component that takes over. I thought it might be easy to explain the Deadline Stress-O-Meter and then show you where I am on it (right now deadline is 12 days away).  And then by the other explanations you can figure out by my behaviour where I am at any given time and what your appropriate reaction should be. Sound like fun? I thought so! (only because of where I am on the Stress-O-Meter, which I'll demonstrate shortly).

One Month Before Deadline (Code Green) This book is going swimmingly, I'm writing the last third, and by George, I might even hand it in early!

One Month Before Deadline (Code Yellow) OK, I've had to start over, but it's okay. If I plan to write x number of words a day, I can do this. It just takes proper planning. All is well, but focused. Let's go play some Rock Band.

Three Weeks before Deadline (Code Yellow). This is good. We're still at yellow. No time to slack off, and time management is key, but it's still doable, and we're still smiling.

Two Weeks Before Deadline (Code Orange) OK, walls are closing in, and how come time speeds up the closer you get to deadlines? So not fair. But I'm keeping up. I can still do this. My family is still fed and the laundry is caught up. Feeling the pressure, but chipper. (THIS IS WHERE I AM NOW)

Two Weeks/One Week Before Deadline (Code Red) I have HOW many words left to write? And omg, the editing. What do you mean you're out of jeans? If there are dishes lining the counters, put them in the dishwasher! Oh, you expected something other than Kraft Dinner for supper? Feel free to cook. Better yet, order in. Keep a wide berth and breathe again when I send the damn thing in.

So as you can gather, Code Red is no fun. For me or the family. I'm hoping to avoid it this month, so far I've been head down and working at a very steady pace AND staying on top of things. I'll admit that the last day or so the house is looking *slightly* frayed around the edges, but I'm 12 days away from deadline and no one has had their head ripped off. This is a very good sign!

Unfortunately I think people HAVE had their heads ripped off in the past and so now they are naturally wary any time the magic date draws near. The one thing I'm really doing though is taking time to relax. An hour or two in the evening to just VEG makes all the difference in the world. And I'm sleeping well, and that helps a lot.

Anyway it was fun talking about the escalating level of crazy in this house and before you know it it'll be back down to Green again.

Oh, and happy birthday to my sis! Next year's a magic number, hahahaha! (sadly, we're a decade apart so next year's also a magic number for me).


  1. LOL Donna! My DH can sympathize with this. He says it's bad enough with putting up with my PMT - and wants to know why I can't just sync them together and get them both over with at the same time!!! Caroline x

  2. Donna ~ hope you get it done without too much stress. Take care of yourself.

  3. I've been to code red land too :) Fingers crossed that you won't be visiting any time soon. Take care of yourself.