Tuesday, January 04, 2011

And we're off...

The latest chapter is off to my CP, I'm over 1k into the next and my massive mailout at the post office has been done as well as 2 important e-mails sent (that had to be held off until the Christmas break was over).

Not a bad start. I've adjusted the word count meter and title and I'm off to work out and cook dinner, then read.

I commented on eharlequin that I didn't really set resolutions this year. Mostly I just want to tackle everything one day at a time, and do the best I can each day. Tomorrow will look after itself tomorrow, and if I can stay on top of what needs to be looked after, I should have a very productive and happy year - because part of that "each day" thing is down time with the fam.

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  1. Well done on completing your goals, Donna. I know what you mean about making sure we spend time with the family as well. It's all about balance, isn't it? Good luck with your writing in 2011.