Friday, January 21, 2011

And they all lived happily ever after...

I have written The End. And sent the last two chapters to my critique partner. It's a few k short, but on Monday I'll have to look at her comments and I know I'll layer in a few k, and then when I revise from the beginning the total will go up even more. This word count when I hand it in should be right on target.

Most of all it feels really great to have a complete manuscript to work with.

For now I'm off - to tidy up the takeout mess and then hopefully watch a movie with the kids. The weather is nasty and it's the perfect sort of night for snuggling in.


  1. Hi Donna! Congrats on finishing your book, are you able to have much of a rest or do you immediately start work on your next one?

  2. Donna ~ Have a good weekend ~ I'm sure you deserve one after finishing your book. Hopefully your weather isn't going to be too bad.

  3. Serenity - my to do list is a bit scary. I'll spend next week revising and getting this ready to send to my editor (it's due on the 31st). Then I have revisions on a novella to do, a trip to head office in Toronto, a workshop to finish putting together that I'm giving towards the end of the month, and a promo event on the 10th. Somewhere in there revisions on this book will probably arrive, and my next Romance is due late May and I have to put together a proposal for that book and the one after as they are going to be linked.

    And I have RITA books to read.

    So no grass growing on me, but I'm really glad to have the work. :-)

  4. Congrats, Donna! You to-do list looks crazy, but it always feels good to cross something off - especially a WIP.