Thursday, December 16, 2010


It's another crazy day here with work and laundry (the never ending mountain) and the last school concert of the season.

My Goodreads contest for Montana, Mistletoe, Marriage has ended and the books mailed to the winners. Look for a new contest on Goodreads in the next day or so (as soon as it's been approved).

I also ended up thinking about the started-over-WIP last night and sorted a lot of things in my mind about Clay and Meg and where things need to go. Everything is still very fluid - I find that the more I plan for certain scenes to happen the more of a mess I make - so I'm letting each scene guide me naturally into the next with a general idea of how things need to work for pacing and conflict. I found the perfect song this morning which also helps. So fingers crossed this all goes according to plan since there are only 6 weeks left until deadline...

In other news, send speedy thoughts to my one present that hasn't been delivered yet. I ordered it on Dec 1 and the store said it had shipped last week. Fingers crossed it arrives in the next few days....

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  1. I'm waiting for something in the mail too. Fingers crossed!