Thursday, December 02, 2010

On The Fourth Day of Christmas - Deborah Hale

One of the true pleasures of living back in the Maritimes is having a great RWA chapter. The first person to greet me back in 2008 was Deb Hale, and I'm so pleased she's here to share a Christmas memory with us today!

One of my favourite Christmas seasons was the first we celebrated as a family of four. My eldest son was in his first year of school, my daughter was a busy little toddler and the twins were sweet, pudgy babies. For me the best part of Christmas has always been the lead-up, the preparation, the anticipation, so I made that a big part of my children’s Christmas too.

We had an advent wreath I’d made out of stuffed felt with Velcro holly berries by which we attached a new little stuffed embroidered ornament every day. We also had a big cardboard Christmas tree advent calendar. Each day the kids would lift an ornament to reveal an activity we’d do that day – bake cookies, mail Christmas cards, go for a walk to see the neighbourhood lights, visit Santa at the mall. That year, we video-recorded a lot of our Christmas activities and sent tapes to the grandparents. Later years got busier as the twins became mobile and my writing career took off, so we were never again able to capture so much of those special preparations.

Now that my eldest two are in university and the twins in their last year of high school, I love to watch those old recordings and recapture the joy of the season with my little ones!

As my Christmas gift to some lucky winner, I’ll be sending a copy of my 2006 Christmas anthology, Mistletoe Kisses as well as the first book (Married: The Virgin Widow) of my new Gentlemen of Fortune series that will be coming out from February to April 2011. With six releases in the first six months of next year, I think I’ll ask Santa for a new book signing pen!

To enter, send me an e-mail with today's clue in the subject line. Today's clue is ADVENT.

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  1. Hi Deb,Thanks for sharing your christmas memories with us. And your family photo as well. I would so love to read your books!

  2. I love the Advent season. It is a way to slow down and anticipate each day of the holiday season.

    Looking forward to reading your books.

    Peace, Julie

  3. What lovely Christmas memories! I've never done an advent calendar but you've given me ideas that I can share with my kids. It sounds like something they'd really enjoy! Thanks!

  4. Anonymous8:44 a.m.

    Thanks for sharing your memories of Christmas.

  5. Six releases in six months? OH MY! But thanks so much for sharing your Christmas memories. I have three little boys at the moment and life seems so crazy at the moment, but you've reminded me to take the time to slow down and make the lead-up to Christmas extra special for them.

  6. Anonymous8:51 a.m.

    Kaelee remembers:

    I can't remember what year it was but I do remember sitting down for months at a time making Christmas tree advent calendars for my nieces and nephews and godchildren. I made fifteen of them which meant I hand sewed sequins onto 375 felt ornament shapes which I then ironed a backing onto. Then I had to find velcro in different colors so each child within a family would have different colored velcro on the back of their ornaments. The other part of the velcro got glued to the big felt Christmas tree which was on a big piece of red felt with numbered pockets on it for holding the ornaments. I look back now and think I was out of my mind.

  7. Love the family photo! Hard to believe those tiny ones are the same folks as the grownups they become :-). Your kids must have loved all the fun build up to Christmas.

  8. The family photo is awesome! Those are memories to treasure.

    Merry Christmas!

  9. Thank you for sharing your holiday memories. Our children grow up so fast, one minute they are toddling around and the next minute they are grown up. I tell my daughters to enjoy every moment with their kids because it goes by way too fast. Happy holidays everyone.

  10. Your memories are alot like mine, looking back at my two children when younger and all the fun during the holidays. Now, I have 5 grandchildren to do the same with. I do get to sit back and watch more with them. Thanks so much for sharing.

  11. Hi Deb, thanks for sharing. One of my favorite memories of Christmas is the trips we would take every year to my Godparents house. They lived about 2 hours away and it used to be a big deal to travel that far. We would have a great time and one of their daughters would always haev a craft project ready for us. Many of my treasured ornaments are from those visits.

  12. Hello Donna and Deb,
    Love the Christmas memories! Looks like you're both going to have a jam-packed 2011. Best of the season!

  13. Good Evening. thanks for the memories. Brought back some of the fun I had as a child. Jsut read your newsletter. I think you should ask Santa for anice purple ink pen for signing books.
    debby236 at att dot net.