Monday, December 27, 2010


I will confess I have been totally lazy over the past few days! Sleep! Christmas Eve we were in bed shortly after 10 and slept until 7. I have nodded off reading twice. Yesterday I didn't get out of bed until nearly 9. Today I was awake at 8. I have been getting 8 hours plus and it feels WONDERFUL! My husband says it is because I ran and ran and ran before Christmas and now I have stopped and am getting caught up.

Housework has consisted of the odd load of laundry, cooking and washing up. The most intense activity (other than workouts) has been playing Guitar Hero/Band Hero. :-)

My other confession of sorts is that I LOVE that my husband is off and not on call. This is the benefit of his new job. It has been so great having him around. I willingly do his ironing because it is so much nicer than knowing he's going to be packing his suitcase for business trips. :-)

So...I'm off to make a salad with turkey (naturally) and then hopefully get some writing done. I really need to - though it's been fantastic having a break.

How are you spending your holidays?


  1. Hi Donna, we have also been playing Guitar Hero this Christmas, what fun! Glad you've been getting some shut-eye. I'm the same and it feels great to be able to nod off during the day! Have a great holiday!

  2. Hi Donna,
    My husband works abroad most of the time, so I echo your sentiment - it is lovely to have him home. He gets so tired and it has been great to leave him sleeping for as long as possible. We are all enjoying the lazy days, all four of us even did a jigsaw yesterday. I'm eating too much though and sense a diet on the horizon. I think I'll try a writing diet, in that I shall write rather than eat when I feel like snacking - or that is the theory anyway. Mx