Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Goodreads Giveaway of Sold to the Highest Bidder

There's another Goodreads Giveaway going on! :-)

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Sold to the Highest Bidder (Paperback) by Donna Alward

Sold to the Highest Bidder

by Donna Alward

Giveaway ends February 15, 2011.
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Thanks to a suggestion by my CP to change the last scene of Chapter 2 to hero POV, it now reads FAR better I think! I'm 8000 words into the story now and hoping to get chapter 3 down before Christmas. It does make for a rather hectic January, but I can do it. I still don't have a working title - right now my files are saved as Clay&Megan...

In the meantime I have to pick up my husband from a work Christmas lunch and I still seem to have scads to do! Why does Christmas seem so hectic this year????

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  1. You're a busy bee! Heaps of luck for getting through chapter 3 in double quick time.