Monday, December 20, 2010

And the days rush on...

The weekend was fab - we left Saturday morning for Moncton and a wedding. For me it meant a chance for someone else to take on the household duties as we stayed in a hotel and ate out. :-) The kids played in the pool, the wedding was great, food was good. We had breakfast with my sister in law yesterday morning, stopped at Costco, and were back home by 2 p.m. The dog and cat were very happy to see us.  Last night I watched ELF with the kids and finished a knitting project I began TWO years ago!

The forecast is looking rather crappy here too, so it means we don't have to go to Costco tonight which we were originally planning - but I do need to run a few errands shortly before it starts snowing. I have pies to bake and a handful of presents to wrap. And my CP liked chapter 2 so it's on to chapter 3 for me! Yippee! At this rate, nailing the partial before the Big Day is sounding like a very positive thing.

Have a good one - I need to get a move on!


  1. I am sick of snow already. Went to Ohio to see my new grandson - first grandchild. We hit a snow storm and drove 60 miles in a tunnel of snow flurries. Was so glad to get to my daughter's. Spent 10 days there with snow and cold and trying to shop as we waited until we got there to buy their gifts. Came back to Illinois to see family on both sides. Had to leave early from one of my sister's to get to Ron's brother's. Ice was coming in. Barely made - glad it is only 30 miles between both families. Was so glad to see less and less snow the closer we got to home. Got home to 40s. Loved it.
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  2. You sound like you're already having a great Christmas Donna! Congrats on finishing that knitting project - that's dedication :)