Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Totally Forgot - Book Blog

I totally forgot to post the latest book reviews. My reading lately has been next to nothing sadly - just so much going on. But here are the latest:

A FAIRYTALE CHRISTMAS - Barbara Wallace and Susan Meier

An enchanting duo of holiday stories featuring two sisters, Gwen and Gill.

In Meier's Baby Beneath the Christmas Tree, we meet young single mum Gwen, hot hero Drew and his teenage son, Brody. Instantly likeable characters and a unique, whimsical setting made this a page-turning, enjoyable read.

Wallace's debut Magic Under the Mistletoe blends a gorgeous Boston setting, a driven heroine (Gwen's sister Gill) and a hard-headed hero (Oliver) in a heart-warming read. If this is how Barbara Wallace begins her career, she's got great things ahead of her.

GAME OVER - Taylor Keating

This is the TOR debut for the writing duo of Taylor Keating. I can honestly say that it is different from anything I have ever read before - blending the paranormal elements of Fae and Guardians with a post-apocalyptic world and the setting of INSIDE a video game.

River is a wonderful heroine - strong and kickass but with a feminine side too - is that the Fae element coming out? She's the game's designer, and goes inside the game to test/develop it. She has a sidekick while inside, but this time the sidekick is Hawk, placed in the game by the Dark Lord/Soul Man - who is after River and is holding Hawk's soul captive. To complicate matters, there's a whole military/conspiracy element on the OUTSIDE. The Soul Man/Dark Lord has to be defeated - or else he claims River and Hawk's souls forever and uses River's magic to get himself out of the prison he's in - and if he does that, look out world. The stakes are far higher than a simple game.

If you're reading this and thinking this isn't for you, think again. Add me to the list of people who have said this is not their usual reading fare but came out loving it. It's a fantastic story, complicated and sexy and funny by turns, and with a twist at the end that I didn't see coming at all. It's also the first in a series by this writing team - I can't wait to see what trouble they throw River and Hawk into next.

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