Monday, November 29, 2010

On The First Day of Christmas - Barbara Wallace!

On The First Day of Christmas, my true love gave to me....a debut author! Say hello to Barbara Wallace, who has her first Harlequin Romance out this month! 

I’m probably slightly warped, because my favorite childhood Christmas memories aren’t the heartwarming, magical memories, but rather the ones that made us laugh. For example, there was the year my father told me Santa was tired of getting milk and cookies and would prefer I left him a ham salad sandwich and a cold beer. Or the year I got my first portable tape player, complete with a tape of my parents singing their Christmas favorites. Or the year my cousin convinced my older brother the red Mustang parked in his driveway was my brother’s Christmas surprise. My poor brother spent all Christmas day waiting for the car to appear. Even after my parents told him the car wasn’t his, he held out – hoping their denial was simply to keep the surprise alive.

There were other moments as well. The year my father “surprised” my mother with a centerpiece for the kitchen table - a huge monstrosity of plastic fruit complete with an oversized reddish-brown pineapple and plastic walnuts on sticks. The year the Christmas tree thawed and we discovered there were no branches on one side. And of course, the year we almost packed the cat in with the Christmas decorations because she fell asleep in the tissue paper. The one thing linking all of these memories was the laughter. Christmas was one of the few times when my family could relax and simply enjoy each other’s company. School problems, job stresses, and other issues were set aside in favor of laughing and having fun.

So today, let’s talk about those moments that made you laugh at Christmas. What’s your funniest memory?

Thanks to Donna for inviting me to be part of the Twelve Days of Christmas. As my Christmas gift to you, I’m donating a copy of my debut Harlequin Romance, The Cinderella Bride. In it, the heroine, Emma O’Rourke, is so caught up in being efficient; she’s forgotten how to relax. Cue Gideon Kent, a man determined to remind her.

Since Barbara's post reminded me just a little of Christmas Vacation, today's clue is GRISWOLD. Send it to me in an e-mail to be entered!

And remember - one entry per day, please.


  1. Although I love Christmas, I can weirdly only think of painful memories - like the time i was bitten by a jellyfish and a red-back spider on the same day and ended up being calomined all Christmas day and jabbed with a needle at 4am in the morning! Luckily... not all Christmas's in my life are so eventful.

    Donna - thanks for having Barbara. And Barbara - really enjoyed your recollections and can't wait to read your books!

  2. Barbara, laughter is a good thing and seems as if your family had plenty.

    I can relate to Emma as I'm sure many can.

    The funniest memory for me is when my niece gave us girls thongs(panties) for Christmas and being I'm the oldest her and her dh weren't sure how I'd take it. She is passing out the gifties and I see all these men standing peering around the corner. They wanted to see my reaction upon opening the gift.

  3. Rachael - I can relate! I left out the year I knocked a vaporizor over on my legs (thus suffering burns) and the year my brother got caught on the skiing tow rope Christmas Eve and injured his ankle. (Notice a lot of the disasters involved my brother. No wonder he goes to St. Martin for the holiday now)

    And Robyn! I can see your face now! I imagine you blushed quite nicely. :-) (PS: We once gave my uncle-in-law a Mind the Gap thong as a gift. Sounds like I'd get along with your niece!)

  4. Yeah, I can't think of any funny ones... just either the ones that would be nice to forget, or when it was nice and quiet and nothing bad going on. So... I have to do something funny one of these years! LOL


  5. This isn't really a funny memory, per se, but my kids were hot blooded and didn't like PJ's so they slept in T-shirts and underpants.

    On Christmas morning, they'd run downstairs in their undies and jump at the gifts. Being a mom, I would grab my camera. So now we have pix of the kids when they were about six, seven and eight in their undies, holding up gifts.

    I see it all as potential blackmail.


  6. Normally christmas mornings are for gift opening and then feasting. Later there's playing around with water and talcum powder. So we have hilarious photos of peolpe covered in powder and unrecognisable!

  7. Colleen3:48 p.m.

    Congrats on your debut!
    Lots and lots of happy memories... but funny would be my grandparens falling asleep on the couch and snoring... we would be going crazy over our presents and they were asleep...
    Happy Holidays!

  8. Barbra I cant wait to read your december book I already preordered it, I loved Magic under the Mistletoe.
    Funny christmas story my 8y/o cousin told her dad "dont light the fire place santa would get his bottom burnt" we thot she would have outgrown that stage, luckily we had milk, cookies and carrots.

  9. I really enjoyed your post!! I love to laugh also. Our family has always gotten together (as many as can make it) Christmas Eve and talk and laugh about all the things through all the years. It is good to be able to put problems and cares aside for some fantastic laughs.

  10. New rule - stay away from Nas Dean's house after lunch! That sounds like the funnest tradition. I laughed when I read it.

    Joanna - Hi! Thanks for stopping by and for the nice words. When I was little, I was worried about Santa too. Esp. since we didn't have a fireplace. My mom said he had a key.

    Susan - always good to have blackmail photos.

    As for Lois, Colleen and Judi - Thanks for stopping by. (PS: I'm thinking in a few more years I'll be like your grandparents and falling asleep too!) :-)

  11. My sister was seven years older than I and I remember the year she helped my parents put presents under the tree and laughed so much that she woke me up and spoiled my belief in Santa Claus. I also recall shortly after hubby and I wed that the news said there was to be a shortage of Christmas trees that year and the two of us rushed out and bought a beautiful but HUGE Christmas tree only to find it was truly entirely too large for our small living room. We had hardly any room left to maneuver around it all during the holidays. But Christmas is a really big occasion in our family and I wish everyone here a very Merry Christmas!

  12. Hi Barbara - I love laughter, it makes everything better. I enjoyed the post and will be checking out your book
    debby236 at att dot net

  13. my funniets memory would have to of been when i was 7 and mybrotehr was 10 we opened all of our presens before christmas morning so mybrother used ducttape and elctrical tape to rewrap the presents only he wrapped the worng presnt in the wrong tag we were so busted

    hi Barbara ty for stoping in today cant wiat to read ur books

  14. When I was a teenager I used to spend the night with a good friend a lot during the holidays. She always unwrapped her presents to see what they were and then re-wrapped them. I don't know why her mother never figured it out, my friend was a much better wrapper than her.

  15. My favorite memory is going to be this year when I drive 12 hours to Ohio to see my first grandson and spend a little over a week spoiling him. He was born Nov. 22nd. Last year was special as my other daughter's partner got full custody of his two children and we got them out of a ring of burglars. They are now safe and I feel given me by God. They are 10 going on 11 and 9.
    As a child one of my favorite memories was the year we were only going to have potato soup for Christmas dinner. But at 8 P.m. on Christmas Eve our church brought a full meal with everything we would need to fix a true Christmas dinner and also gifts for all 5 of us kids.
    jrs362 at hotmail dot com

  16. I remember sledding with my brothers and sister at my grannie and pop's and sitting in the bathroom and looking out the window when a big buck walked by, she they lived in the country.