Monday, November 01, 2010

NaNo, Newsletters, and Birthdays

My site is updated, and my newsletter will be hitting inboxes very shortly. :-) I did several things up last week and even on the weekend a bit in preparation for today - Nov 1.  Two reasons. One, BREATHE releases tomorrow! and I have a bunch of promo set up to celebrate. Looking at my calendar - everything is written, proofed, and ready to go.

Two, I'm NaNoing this month. I never have before - I have always been in the middle of a project or intending to and had revisions hit my inbox. But I shouldn't have any revisions, there is the possibility of AA's hitting from my editor and I can do those on top of writing. I also have a really busy writing schedule for the next year and so I'm doing a "Build Your Own" NaNo consisting of my 10k online read for Harlequin and then starting my next book and hoping to get 30-40k done on it. The 10 k will take me longer than just the first draft of it as it does need to be revised, polished and handed in. But the overall goal for me is to get the first draft of my next book done before Christmas. If I can get even 30k done on it by the end of November, I'll be in good shape. Then I can take Christmas off with the family and spend January revising as it's due Jan 31.

And today I'll also be popping in to the Samhain Cafe yahoo loop as Samhain is celebrating its 5th Birthday today! I sold my first book there when it was just getting off the ground - and tomorrow Breathe comes out and is my 14th book.  Happy Birthday Samhain Publishing!


  1. Ohh good luck wiht NaNo. It's good to have a target - namely Christmas off! Caroline x

  2. Hi Donna, Congratulations on "Breath" coming out and good luck with your NaNo.


  3. Happy publication day for tomorrow!

    A busy writing year means lots of books for us :) Lots of luck with NaNo!