Thursday, November 04, 2010

Jonah Days

Every now and then I have a Jonah day. You know, a day when things just  don't go as planned. Inevitably it is a day where I have TONS going on and something throws a monkey wrench into things and suddenly things fly apart, including my patience.

Yesterday was like that, from about noon onwards. The writing was going slowly. My copy edits arrived for A Family for the Rugged Rancher (they never come at an opportune time, btw, like last week when I was doing admin and not in the middle of a story). I went to print my ms, as this is the one and only time I feel the need to work from paper, and my printer jammed.

REALLY jammed.

So I frigged with it for several wasted minutes, figured out how to pop off a panel at the back to get out the rest of the paper and THEN I COULD NOT GET THE PANEL BACK ON. Thank you, Kodak, for showing me now to insert an ink cartridge in 6 different languages, but not showing me how to orient this silly panel (as you can tell I'm still slightly bitter). And it would not print without it.

I left with youngest to pick up eldest who had a volleyball game in the next town. I'm already frazzled and feeling rushed and I get there to find out that the time of 3-4 is not really 3-4 because there are 3 teams and we are NOT playing first. I had errands scheduled to happen before we went home, but seeing as the game didn't end until almost 5, it was straight home to dinner (which I'd put in the crock pot thankfully) and clean up and homework because youngest had basketball at 7:30. It didn't help that there were a few arguments along the way to frazzle my already frazzled mind...

Errands happened while she was at basketball. And did I mention dh fixed my printer and I finally finished printing out my manuscript? (FWIW, he said it was tricky. But he might have been trying to make me feel better.)

But at the end I was tired and grumpy and just out of sorts. As much as I got a lot accomplished yesterday, all I could see was what I didn't manage to get done.

Today I acknowledge that I am grumpy, but there are some positive things. Like my niece being here for dinner -  she's always fun. Like BREATHE hitting the top 10 over at My Bookstore And More. Like reader mail. Like the Lindt chocolate with sea salt that my dh bought me last night!

And fingers crossed I will be in a much nicer mood tomorrow!


  1. Oh I know those days - horrible thngs! So I'm sending lots of hugs over The Pond to make you feel better.Know you are in my thoughts and I hope today is much much better


    Kate (whose word verification is 'offit'!)

  2. Anonymous3:12 p.m.

    Hugs Donna!

    Michele P

  3. That doesn't sound like fun - but well done on getting it all sorted out!! Smile, just a little life curve-ball :)

  4. Well I'm still grumpy but that's because of copious online shopping fails today that has sent me in circles. It's kind of like driving when you're running late and hitting all red lights, when if you'd had lots of time they'd be green all the way (and yes, I probably mixed tenses in there and am too tired to worry about it!).

    If I could have a productive day tomorrow it would all turn around. I would LOVE to finish the first draft of my online read!

  5. You've got to watch those printers!

    *big hugs*