Tuesday, November 09, 2010

How much time is spent NOT writing?

It has occurred to me this week, as I press on with NaNoWriMo that there is a shocking amount of my work time spent not writing.

There is receiving and sending e-mails. Today e-mails included checking royalty statements, promotion, weird occurences with delivery of books to my door. The biggest chunk? Promotion and branches thereof. I co-edit the Pink Heart Society as most of you know so coordinating guests and posting blogs and what not is time consuming. Total labour of love, but time consuming. I also apologize if I have sent you a rather *brief* e-mail this week as I have kept things to the point in order to keep my inbox to a minimum.

Then I did actually finish writing my Online Read - hooray!  Need to update my word count meter. Tomorrow I begin editing!

Then there's paperwork - for example my latest contract and other forms arrived this afternoon, which need printing, reading, initialling, signing, and sending back to my agent.

Last week it was arrival of Author Alterations - AA's, or galleys. And the time spent reading my ms through line by line, making changes, typing those changes in and sending them to my editor. While I haven't had any this month, there are always revisions and edits to go through before we get to the galley stage - as well as art fact sheets, etc.

This month is also heavier on promotion as well because of BREATHE's release and things I have set up around the web.  I also went shopping for some promo items on sale that will carry me through a good portion of next year.

Speaking of next year, some promo for books that are coming out in 2011 is already in place - I've had to do up ad material and set up payment for things like Romantic Times, Romance Sells, etc. as well as some special newsletters for books coming out in February and May.

Did you also know it is contest season? Add in filling out contest forms, processing entry fees, and mailing out books.

Now. Add in laundry, meals, cleaning, dog walking, chauffeuring, helping with homework....

So really when I look at all that and add in writing 3-4 books a year, I'm doing all right.  I think with the focus on word count output during NaNo, I was already getting frustrated. But when I stepped back and looked at what else was going on...I felt better.

It really is true that writers aren't really JUST writers. We're small business owners. And I can't tell you how happy it makes me to say that at least I don't have to add "do taxes" to that list. That is one job I was happy to outsource!

Have a good 'un,



  1. Wow so many things to do...and then write! You doing great!

  2. SO true. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that, when it's all said and done, I spend more time on the above than I do writing. And don't forget reading various blogs and industry news/info (which I try to stay on top of if I can), interacting on forums, Twitter etc., trying to help aspiring authors by doing critiques or mentoring in some way, critiquing for CP's, updating website (unless you're lucky enough to have a webmaster), blogging, and then pesky tax stuff. A lot of those things I really enjoy doing, others not so much, but it really is a business and you get out of it what you put into it. I hear you though, it is a lot more than just "write and sell ms". Seems like you're managing to balance it all very well. Wishing you mega-sales on Breathe!

  3. Wow, this is a great post. While I'm tired and scared just thinking of all this, it's exciting to know all these things are in a published author's future.

    I'm really, really impressed with how well you juggle all of the aspects and still publish 3-4 amazing books each year!