Friday, November 19, 2010

Foreign Editions

Yesterday there was a box in the post box and lo and behold both One Dance With The Cowboy AND Her Lone Cowboy were out in Russia recently. I had no idea, and it's the first Russian copies I've had. Very cool - add another language to the tally.

So I thought hey, let's look for anything else that's out this month.

Hired: The Italian's Bride is out in Greece.

One Dance With The Cowboy is in Mexico.

And Argentina.

A Bride For Rocking H Ranch is out in an holiday antho in Denmark - and Finland.

Isn't that neat?

It's Friday, which means pay the bill day, grocery shopping day, and squeeze in some writing day. :-) I'm enjoying working on the new book, so that is good! And once my revisions for my online read go back, I *should* be able to really kick some butt on the word count. :-)


  1. It must be so thrilling to see your name on so many book covers. How exciting! Caroline x