Thursday, November 18, 2010


Last night the RWA hotsheet arrived in my inbox with the info about conference rates for this year's Nationals. To say I'm excited is an understatement. The room rate is very good, and because I'm actually splitting the cost by having a roomate, the money I save will pay for the conference fee AND some of the meals that aren't provided.

This morning my roomate, the lovely Fiona Harper, and I exchanged some short emails that made me laugh and got me more excited. I have no desire to live in a city, but spending a few days and seeing the sights sounds pretty good to me - and I've never been to New York. We're planning on doing some sightseeing in addition to whatever happens during the week - there's always an outing or two planned by various groups. Then there's the exciting things about conference itself: inspiring speakers at luncheons, the booksigning for literacy, fabulous workshops, and meeting up with old friends and new during the course of the week. And that doesn't even include the "big" events: I know my agency is holding some sort of get together (yay!) as well as the spectacular best party ever in the world Harlequin Party and the glam RITA awards ceremony.

Is it any wonder people are exhausted when they leave?

This year I'm part of three separate workshop proposals too, so fingers crossed one of them gets selected.  And I'll definitely be at the booksigning - I should be signing copies of my May Harlequin Romance as well as one of my Samhain titles that will be out in print by that time.

This excitement will pass. Until the next time, like when I register, or get my RITA books for judging, or book my flight, or...


In other news, I have revisions for my online read, Remember Me, Cowboy and they are light. Wheee! They make perfect sense and I'm looking forward to getting them back to my editor.  It will begin on Valentine's Day and run 3x a week for 3 weeks, coinciding with my February release of Proud Rancher, Precious Bundle.  I know it's only a 10k project, but getting light revisions has done wonders for my confidence. And I am particularly enjoying working on The Cowgirl's Convenient Groom too.

Now off to work as I have an appointment later...

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  1. I was exhausted by the RNA conference in London this summer, and that is probably quite small and discreet compared to the glittering extravaganza that is the RWA Nationals. I bet you need to build up stamina before you go ... late nights, plenty of wine, lol!

    It must be like being a teenager again. ;-)