Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Breathe, Word Count, and a Review

November is surely turning out to be a busy month!

Yesterday's launch of BREATHE was fantastic - chatted to a bunch of people over at the Samhain blog and on twitter and FB, which was great. Today I'm scheduled to blog at RomConInc...being on the East Coast I suspect I'm up a little earlier than they are. :-)  EDIT: It's up!  Go here.

I'm working away on my online read, nearly at the 4k mark now and already realizing I'm going to have to streamline some things in the earlier chapters and bring out a conflict thread a little more. Most of all though I just need to keep going, because then I can fix everything after it's all written. I forgot to update my word counter yesterday so I'm going to do that and then hopefully add more to it later in the day. I do have a volleyball game to attend and a few errands and then more running tonight, so I have to make the most of the next few hours.

And finally - Cataromance has reviewed Proud Rancher, Precious Bundle. Donna gave it 4 stars and said "PROUD RANCHER, PRECIOUS BUNDLE pairs two heart-warmers, cowboys and babies, with an interesting plot and fascinating characters to deliver an engrossing read." 

Now I'm off - word count must be met, dinner must be put in the crock pot if we've any hope of having something to eat tonight!

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