Monday, October 04, 2010

Yes, I washed walls.

Last weekend I blogged about washing doors and cupboards and I got quite a few comments, lol. Well yesterday I washed walls. You see, I didn't actually get spring cleaning done and things have been bothering me. The downstairs walls got done. My husband has asked if it is because my mother is coming to visit. Yes, partly, but I confess it was getting to me knowing they hadn't been touched all year.

Of course that made me realize that now that the walls are clean the blinds really do need to be done...

I also washed the valances in the kitchen.

This week is insane - extracurricular activities are in full swing, I am trying to finish the first draft of my novella, I have a field trip on Friday and I have to clean and get groceries for the weekend. Somehow it will all get done. At least I still have a washing machine.  Last night it was making a horrendous noise and we discovered the load of towels still soaking wet. The dh took everything apart and discovered "someone" had left a lip gloss in her pocket which had broken and pieces got in the pump. NOT GOOD. Being the handy guy he is, he fixed it and the pump wasn't ruined. Stern lecture about cleaning out pockets ensued.

Meanwhile, it's back to the WIP.


  1. am beginning to think these nesting like cleaning you are doing, help you churn out amazing stories. That has to be the explanation.

  2. I wish someone would wash my walls... ;)