Thursday, October 28, 2010

New beginnings

Today is settle down and get to work day. I've just put down the first words for the new story which is going to be tremendous fun (I think!) and is a shorter story for Harlequin. Ever since my CP put crazy ideas in my head, I've had scenes flash through my mind as well as motivational threads. I got the go ahead for the idea and the title yesterday, so it feels good to get it started! It's for a free read on Eharlequin to coincide with the North American release of Proud Rancher, Precious Bundle in February. To be honest I'm simply THRILLED to have been asked, and naturally I'll be posting more info when the time comes.

I'm supposed to be talking to my editor today too about what's up next for Romance and when. I guess I didn't post it here, though I did on twitter and facebook - I have a new contract for 3 more Harlequin Romances and I'm very excited about it. My editors and agent have made me a very happy girl this week. So we'll be chatting about what I'm writing after the short and I have my fingers firmly crossed. It is good to know I'll be employed for the next year or so for sure!

And then there's 2 loads of laundry to do and my niece is coming for supper. A full day for sure!

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  1. Congrats on your free read and shiney new contact Donna!