Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I love fall

I love fall. It's my favourite time of year and this year it's been a little late. When my mom and step dad were here for Thanksgiving the colours were not that great and we wondered if we were going to be shortchanged in the colour dept this year. But this week, with cool temps and sunny days, the hues have really come out. This morning's walk was a stunner. Brilliant sunshine, crisp air, the birches and poplars are finally turning golden yellow. The maples are showing their colours ranging from orange to red to rust; the firebush and Virginia creeper are a brilliant crimson. It is impossible to feel anything but happy and contented when walking on a morning like today.

Of course I also noticed the deer have been at my apple trees again so today new pantyhose bags of mothballs and bone meal will be hanging from the branches.

I have a dog sleeping nearby after her walk and the kitty cat curled up on the futon behind me. He is not a cuddly cat but he likes being close to people. When I was on the Wii Fit last night he was on the loveseat behind me supervising. Cats are not cheerleaders. They are immovable coaches who open one eye and say, "You can do better."

So what am I working on today? Well, for starters I'm beginning edits on the novella since yesterday I completed the first draft. This is where the real work of shaping and refining happens. I know there are pacing problems and other areas that need layers. I also clued into a couple of conflict/motivation gold mines as I neared The End so now I have to layer and foreshadow those things through to make it more cohesive. I'm looking forward to it though. While it is hard work, the hardest is getting that first draft on the page. NOW I have something to work with.

I've been reading some and watching movies too. Last weekend I read Barb Hannay's Miracle for Their Secret Son and was once again transported to Australia - this time to the seaside where I could nearly taste the salty tang of the air. I'm currently reading GAME OVER by Taylor Keating - a collaboration of two of my chapter mates and out next month from TOR. It's good, y'all. If you like paranormal romance with a techie edge, you're gonna love this. Actually - even if you don't (it's definitely not my usual reading fare) you will probably love it anyway.

I watched a couple of movies on the weekend. We took Saturday as a lazy day and watched Star Trek with the kids (we'd seen it, they hadn't) and then later in the afternoon the dh put on The Soloist with Robert Downey Jr. and Jamie Foxx. I have to say I did not enjoy it at all. Which is unfortunate because I love RDJ. I could get into my thoughts on movies whose points are to not have a point but I won't. I ended up reading through most of it and I might have actually nodded off...

Saturday night (it really was movie day!) after the kids went to bed the dh and I watched It's Complicated with Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin.  We both liked it. There were a few things I wondered about and thought perhaps got cut in editing. Like her girlfriends in the beginning, and then in the middle, but then at the end they weren't there. Even if you don't believe in the rule of three, from a story arc standpoint each section of the movie represented a stage and so not having them there felt unfinished. But on the whole we liked it and laughed a lot. I especially liked how Alec Baldwin seemed to not take himself so seriously. There were times when he looked like he was poking fun at himself - and enjoying it.

Anyway that's about it - now I'm off to perhaps make a cup of tea and get to work before heading into Staples to pick up something I ordered....

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  1. I'm reading Game Over too. It's great! Not my usual fare either but I'm definitely enjoying it.