Saturday, October 16, 2010

For 24 hours...

I got to be one of my heroines. :-)

We drove to the Annapolis Valley in the midst of a gorgeous fall afternoon and the first stop was at a winery for wine and some gorgeous dark chocolate truffles. 

Before long we were on the road again towards our destination of Victoria's Historic Inn in Wolfville.

We'd booked the executive suite which is on the third floor. Complete with antique furniture, a gorgeous four-poster bed, fireplace, and flowers and champagne on ice. We left the champagne for later and instead walked downtown for dinner.

Wolfville is a pretty university town and is one of those places where I always feel at home. We decided not to go fancy for dinner which worked out great because we had a wonderful meal at Rosie's - mouth watering bacon-wrapped filet and dessert to go as we were full - creme brulee cheesecake for me (Kate Hardy, I know you'll appreciate that I couldn't say no!) and Irish creme cheesecake for the dh.

Speaking of Kate Hardy: I took this pic especially for her: stained glass as you climb the stairs to the second floor. Even prettier close up.

The weather turned cold and wet in the morning, but it didn't prevent me from having a champagne breakfast and then we drove out to Blomidon Beach and then back to another winery, the fromagerie for gelato and cheese and the market for apples and corn and pumpkin. We were home early in the afternoon, but it was a lovely trip and wonderful to just get away and leave everyday worries behind.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful mini-holiday, Donna. I love Wolfville.

  2. Glad you had such a wonderful anniversary celebration. (And thank you for the stained glass pic!) I understand completely re the cheesecake: two of out of my three top fave puddings but TOGETHER... scrummy :o)