Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Feeling Old...and ponderings

Today I'm at Tote Bags 'n' Blogs talking about my ingredients for a perfect night! It's crazy to think that as of this week the dh and I have been married for 15 years.  That we've been together for 19 - half my life. WOW.

I'm feeling a bit old today, maybe a little weary and a little wise. Maybe those 2 things go together. I can definitely say I'm far happier in my 30's (ahem, late 30's) than my 20's when it comes to being comfortable with myself. I know what I want far more than I did then. I'm focused and luckily I'm still at the age and state of health that I have the energy to make it happen. LOL

My kids are getting older too and with that comes wanting to help them and knowing they don't really want my help - even when they ask for it. I was reminded of that last night. I am lucky that they talk to me but I know that sometimes my advice doesn't sound "right" to them (because like most people what they want is for me to confirm what they already think!). *I* know that it would be easier for them if they listened. But sometimes you have to let people make their own mistakes and learn from them.

It is disheartening and sometimes hurtful to know that you genuinely want to help someone because you can see a train wreck coming and they dismiss your advice for various reasons. And there are reasons.  Sometimes you do what you can and then you have to sit back and hope that what follows is...well, not the train wreck.

Today I have been thinking a lot about Marianne and Eleanor.  Marianne is very lovable; young and enthusiastic and sweet and idealistic. But she is not sensible of her actions.  We can see the heartbreak coming. She does not want to listen to Eleanor but in the end knows where she went wrong. And luckily for Marianne there was a Colonel Brandon waiting for her.

I'm not sure my ramblings today make sense, but I was feeling a tad philosophical. :-)


  1. Sending a hug or two in case they're needed lovey. And you can't feel old - because that would make me ancient!

  2. Congrats on your anniversary Donna! In this day and age that's such a wonderful achievement.

    Did you know that the thirties are the new twenties? I'm not making that up. Science says and so it must be. I'd get that sparkly minidress right back out of the closet if I were you ;)

  3. You are still younger than me!!!

    And you are right, sometimes all you can do is hope for a Colonel Brandon...

  4. I love Marianne too, Donna, because of her impulsiveness, not in spite of it. As Lucy Maud Montgomery put it, "prudence is a shoddy virtue at times. One is almost ashamed of it."

    And girl, don't put that sparkly dress away ever! Age is a state of mind.