Monday, October 25, 2010

The Cover Fairies Delivered Again!

Yesterday I found the cover to Proud Rancher, Precious Bundle - the North American version. All I can say is wow.

At first it was the darling baby girl who got my attention. Lordy, she's sweet! And I love the pink ruffles. And yes, she's a little "old" for the book since in the book Darcy is a newborn, but it is forgiven because she's just so darn cute!

But then I got a good look at the cowboy who is Wyatt. Handsome? Check. Muscles? Yep double check. I mean a man with a baby is sexy ANYWAY but this is a whole other level, I think. In the book Wyatt is a strong, independent rancher who depends on himself and his own elbow grease to get things done, and he's not used to being around children - especially babies. And yet the heroine sees him with Darcy and melts, because inexperienced or not, she can tell he loves her. He has a way with Darcy. Now maybe I'm reading too much into it but I GET that from this cover.

So cover fairies - well done. This might be my favourite cover yet, and considering I LOVED the one for Her Lone Cowboy, that's saying something.


I also got a review for Proud Rancher, Precious Bundle from Realms on our Bookshelves.  Marissa read and liked, and she finished the review with "With this story I now have Donna Alward on my radar. Proud Rancher, Precious Bundle is a powerful, emotional and classic love story. It kept me captive and rooting for Elli and Wyatt to the last page. It is feel-good romance at its best and I loved it!"

She said lots of other nice things too, so go have a read if you're so inclined. :-)

Now I'm off to a full day of STUFF - some of which is stuff I didn't get done on the weekend. Catch you on the flip side!


  1. aaww this is such a cute baby I could not even look past her to the hunk holding her.
    The cover faeries have been kind to you.

  2. Yup, that cover is darn perfect - buy those cover fairies a drink!

  3. Gorgeous cover Donna! Isn't she the cutest little thing!