Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Why the Romance community is so great

I'm an introvert. When I say that I make people laugh. Because I'm not shy. I love talking about writing. I'm friendly and generally bubbly. All things that shout "extrovert!". But I'm truly not. If given the option between going out for an evening or watching a dvd for the millionth time with a glass of wine, the dvd wins.

I do have difficulty meeting new people.  The thought of group situations makes me impossible to live with for the hours leading up to it.  Last night was a case in point. It was a special rwa chapter meeting with a special guest.  Several of us met for dinner and then moved on to the library for the business meeting and workshop.  And since our President, who is terribly reliable, actually couldn't make it until late, it was up to me to chair the meeting - for the first time (I did say she was reliable. She hardly ever misses!).

Stressed?  Moi? Yep. Especially when my printer ran out of ink and I couldn't print the agenda...

But there's a silver lining. Inevitably I go to these things and I end up having a marvelous time and come home wondering what all the fuss was about. I never quite answer that question as I get just as wound up the next time... LOL.

This time was no exception. Dinner was casual and fun. The business meeting was blessedly short. And our guest was absolutely lovely.

And here's where the romance community greatness comes in. You see it really is a small world. Our guest was Medicals author Lynne Marshall. I'd only "met" Lynne online, but we've been in some of the same "cybercircles" for a while now. She's blogged with us over at The Pink Heart Society. She posts on eharlequin. We are edited out of the same office (and for a time, shared an editor). Maybe we hadn't met in person before, but when she walked into the restaurant, it was like meeting an old friend.

It was the same phenomenon at RWA Nationals in Washington when I went in 2009 and it is so reassuring to feel not alone in the middle of strangers.

And Lynne fit right in with our wacky bunch. We always are a bit rowdy at our meetings (I could blame past prez Nikki F but it's really not ALL her fault) but Lynne has a great sense of humour and took it all in stride. She talked to us about the revision process, taking examples from her own work, warts and all.  While none of it was a surprise to me (I did say we shared an editor, right?) it was so affirming to know that we all have a "process" that we go through during revisions.  Yep. Community.

It was a privelege to have her with us and hopefully the Maritimes leaves her with a lovely impression of this part of Canada.


  1. It was a great time, wasn't it, Donna? And Lynne was fantastic. You're so right - romancers rock!

  2. Yes, indeed - last night was terrific. You did a great job chairing the meeting! And you've done an amazing job putting together our workshops, too.
    Enjoyed your post about the romance community. It's true, we are a great bunch

  3. I meant to put a happy face at the end of my comment, otherwise I sound kind of cheeky. So here it is: :)

  4. Donna, you did a fab job chairing the meeting. I so enjoyed meeting Lynne Marshall and her workshop was great.

  5. It was a fun evening and a great presentation by Lynn. Thanks so much for setting it up, Donna, and chairing the meeting!

  6. Aw, you guys are awesome. The one benefit to me being nervous was that I talked REALLY fast. I think a 17 min biz meeting is some sort of record. LOL. I did have a "I can't breathe" moment when I went to bring up the agenda on Mr. Darceee and realized that the husband had installed new software...

    Putting together the workshops has been a blast (and so much easier than some of the other jobs. I've got it good.)! So you're welcome.

    And Julianne - you ARE cheeky and just look innocent. :-)

  7. It is so all Nikki's fault. :)

    It was great fun and Lynne was absolutely wonderful.