Friday, September 24, 2010

Taking Stock

After logging my last review (for Judith James' Libertine's Kiss), I decided I needed to take stock of my tbr. I keep a notebook and cross each title off as I read and review it, but I don't go in order so it was getting unruly.

I was very pleased to have read 55 books so far this year, though it is not as many as I wanted. I seemed to do quite well until the end of May, and then things have been so busy and crazy that instead of 2-3 books a week I'm lucky to read 1. But I thought surely this would have alleviated some pressure on my tbr?

Not so! It's bigger than ever. And I blame 2 things - books that come my way from sites like . If you want a sample of what Mills and Boon are putting out, go there. :-) The other thing I blame is prolific friends. I have so many books that I've bought or been given by author friends and I feel so guilty knowing they are still in my tbr! Curse you all for being so successful!

So I have 73 books waiting.

How many do you think I can get through by the end of December?

And I'd say I'd go on a new book moratorium, but I have 3 more coming from amazon...

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Have a good weekend!


  1. maybe you could do book giveaways or set a challenge for your followers

  2. LOL Joanna - my problem is 2-fold. I want to read them so I don't want to give them away. And the other thing is over half are in e-book in which case I can't give them away anyway....

  3. I wish I could get through that many books in a year! My goal this year was 12. So far I'm ahead of schedule, so maybe I'll surpass that, but only by a few. I need more reading time!!

  4. My TBR is huge too Donna! It won't be long before it takes on a life of its own! One day I'll find time to read them :)