Friday, September 17, 2010

Rainy Friday

It's a rainy Friday, I have The Young Victoria soundtrack on and I'm working on that pesky chapter three.

Speaking of The Young Victoria Soundtrack, the dh, who is NOT musically inclined, heard bits of it the other day as I was finishing work. His comment? That bits of it remind him the Band of Brothers soundtrack. Colour me shocked.  Because Ilan Eshkeri worked closely with Michael Kamen and it makes sense that those influences would show in his own writing.

And may I just say that of all the jobs I've ever done, parenting is the hardest? I am probably too strict with my kids. How do you strike the balance?

Right. And now back to work! Time stops for no man or writer.


  1. my biggest fear is not raising my kids properly or that I am over doing the whole parenting thing, but at the end of the day I just have to trust my instinct that i am doing the right thing.

  2. I really need to check out the Young Victoria soundtrack. I loved, loved, loved the movie.