Thursday, September 16, 2010

Not bad...

The last 2 days I deleted around 2000 words from my WIP and ended up 2300 higher on the word count meter, which means I've written a little over 4000 words. Add into that 3500 words on Monday in my outline and synopsis and then the 2500 words I rewrote when I did a second synopsis and I've had a fair number of words happening this week.

It *is* a little confusing. I now have a pink and blue conflict/subconflict sheet on the go, as well as 2 incarnations of a synopsis. I've inserted scenes, deleted scenes, layered scenes, and tomorrow I'm moving the first scene of chapter four to the end of chapter three and chopping the scene ending and rewriting it with a new chapter ending hook. And does it surprise you to know that all this chopping and writing and moving hasn't actually changed the story all that much?

It's just kind of changed the landscape of it. My critique partner calls it "camera shots". It's the same story but from a different angle. But hopefully a better angle. A more focused angle.

Anyway I'm enjoying it, and I'm hoping to get chapter three settled tomorrow so I can send it to my CP - and then send it to my agent next week.

For now, I'm ending my "writing" day and shifting gears into piano teacher/laundress/cook mode. And I'm dying to get back into the book I'm reading.

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  1. Not bad at all, lady!

    Good luck, and keep going!