Thursday, September 09, 2010

Movies and massages

This morning I am having a massage at the local Chiro. The therapist there is very good and I decided that I am going to go every few months as it does wonders for the tension in my shoulders and neck from sitting at a desk most of the time.  It's an hour of pure bliss.

Last night I realized I've watched 3 movies in the last week!  The first was OLD DOGS, with John Travolta, Robin Williams, Kelly Preston, Rita Wilson, and Seth Green.  It was a great family movie with lots of laughs. Only thing was we were within 15 min of the end when we lost power on Saturday morning, so we couldn't watch the end until Monday.

Then 2 nights ago the dh put on UP IN THE AIR. A little slow in parts, it was still a good movie.  Also predictable, but I'm not sure that's a bad thing. And it's never a hardship watching George Clooney.

Last night I finally got to see THE YOUNG VICTORIA! Emily Blunt was fantastic and so was Paul Bettany. It was very well casted. But the true surprise was Rupert Friend. He brought lovely layers to Albert and I loved him in this role which is surprising because I thought he was horribly miscast as Wickham in the Knightley/McFadyen Pride and Prejudice.

Albert appears shy and unsure of himself early on, but during the chess scene there is a great gleam in his eye and a hint to the quiet confidence he has underneath.  You see more and more of this as he goes on...and when he and Victoria have an argument the dh and I agreed that Albert was no pushover. Albert was a gentleman, but a strong woman like Victoria demanded a strong man and he was it, even if people didn't expect it. The love between them was beautiful to watch, too. 

Now it's time to walk the pup so I'm off, as a busy day lay ahead!

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