Monday, September 06, 2010

Hurricane Earl

Well, Hurricane Earl decided to blow through Nova Scotia on Saturday, and paid us a visit. It was nice that the dh wasn't traveling for once and I think I was more relaxed about it because he was here. We put all our planters etc. inside, tucked the deck furniture away, made sure we had water to drink (and for cooking) and gas for the generator. Good thing too.  We lost power in the morning before the storm even got really wound up and it was out for nearly 24 hours.

We also lost the top off one of our maple trees in the front yard - it landed in the ditch and then blew up on to the road, blocking it. We lost several branches and a large spruce in the back yard.  I've been listening to my husband's chainsaw a good portion of the morning, so I'm thinking there might be more of a mess in the "woods" than we realized. The people whose lot backs on to ours had TONS of tree damage so we might have more we couldn't see from the deck.

But all in all we did okay - our neighbours lost over 12 trees and have quite a mess to clean up.  We drove around Saturday night when it was all over and only saw one house with a tree on it and one where the tree was on power lines.

So... we hooked up the generator and ran it for a few hours at a time.  Just to keep the fridge and freezer going really.  It all happened during the day, so we didn't need it *that* much. We used water from the rain barrel to flush the toilet and I cooked dinner on the camp stove. Later on we did plug in a floor lamp and sat in the kitchen playing cards with the kids. We were in bed by ten. And the next morning we got our power back so it was not that bad at all.

Here are a couple of after pics, and you can watch the video on facebook as blogger couldn't load it.

Also on the weekend we heard about the earthquake in New Zealand. I heard from a friend who was fairly close to the epicentre and everything is okay with her, though Christchurch took a beating.  So thoughts and hugs to those cleaning up from that.


  1. I can so relate to what you went through and am glad it was not worse for you. I'm glad it was no worse.

  2. I'm so glad your okay. It's great that the power was only out for 24 hours too :).