Friday, September 03, 2010

Crazy Friday

I had a chapter executive meeting today that was great.  For one, we meet for breakfast.  For another, the exec is fun.  And three- AIR CONDITIONING.  Enough of the heat wave.  It was so hot last night I couldn't even read.  I was actually in the pool looking up at the stars at 10 p.m.  And it's just as hot today, dammit.

But the meeting was exciting and affirming which is as it should be.  We've got some great things coming up for the rest of the year and that makes me happy.

We did finish watching Pillars of the Earth this week and I've blogged it for Must Watch Friday at the Pink Heart Society.

Now I have to finish off the to-do list.  But first we have to pack up/tie down patio furniture etc. as Earl is still determined to put in an appearance in Atlantic Canada and we're in for a nasty day tomorrow. We've got water to drink, gas for the generator, food to barbeque and a stash of drinkies to get us through.  I think we'll manage okay. :-)  And if the power is out - I plan on indulging in some reading!

So have a good weekend, and hopefully I'll be back Monday, though it *is* a holiday...

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  1. Three cheers for air conditioning :)

    Have a great weekend Donna!