Monday, September 27, 2010

Comfort Food

We were still in a heatwave the first week of September when I started getting the urge for comfort food. I do every fall, and to my family's delight for a few weeks we eat VERY well. Stews, soups, favourite casseroles, fresh bread, maybe even some baking.

Turns out I'm not alone, and this week over at Petticoats and Pistols the fillies are sharing their favourite recipes in the Great Soup Roundup. It's not just soup - there's bread and side dishes and chili and all kinds of yummy stuff. For example, today you can get recipes for white chili, campfire biscuits (I've never made biscuits with yeast in them, I'm going to try them) and my own recipe for Beef Stew.

I also get weird cleaning and craft urges in the fall, which would explain why I took Murphy's Oil Soap to all my interior doors (they are solid wood) and the kitchen cupboards. Several of my doors also have glass in them - 15 individual panes on each door x 6 doors, so it took a while to clean the wood and then clean the glass. The house also got cleaned, laundry got done, the dog got walked and "my" half of the basement got cleaned.

I even wrapped a few Christmas prezzies (don't shoot me, my mum is visiting in a few weeks and taking family gifts back with her), finished a knitting project, and cut out 36 small stockings that now just need stitching and filling.

But today it's back to writing work and I have a list so I'd better get at it! 


  1. wow! and I thought I was bionic. I still cant believe you washed the doors.

  2. Doors? You washed doors? lol! I get the yearly urge for comfort food, too. Made my first Gravenstein apple crisp of the season last weekend. Baked beans coming up soon.

  3. Well yes, I washed doors. And they were DIRTY. I used three buckets of water!

    You know what else is bugging me? Walls. And baseboards. And perhaps the inside of my kitchen cupboards.

    I usually spring clean but I didn't this year - I got the bedrooms done and that was it before everything went manic. But now? Oh boy, the urge has hit. But don't worry, ladies. It usually passes again, and quite quickly. LOL

  4. I'm in that kind of mood, too, Donna. I was looking at my kitchen cabinets yesterday thinking that they needed a wash. Love Murphy's Oil Soap. I love this cooler weather. I'll keep a watch on the Great Soup Roundup. Always looking for some new cold weather recipes.


  5. I went to the shops today and they've started putting up the Christmas decorations!!!

    When you've finished your Christmas shopping could you do mine Donna? :)