Saturday, September 18, 2010


I had to have an early start this morning as the dh headed to the airport before it was light out. It has been a good Saturday just the same. I did some paperwork. I critiqued a chapter for my CP.  I caught up on a kajillion articles sitting in my inbox.

I also took 3 bags of now too small clothes to the goodwill bins (it seems both kids had a major growth spurt over the spring and summer) and took in some fab deals at the grocery store. Oh and just for fall I now have 4 lovely potted mums on my front steps which worked out to be half price. NICE.

After lunch we took the dog for a looong walk in the fall sunshine. And when we got back, the kids did homework while I HAD A NAP.  SEE? I told you it was a good Saturday.  I had a NAP!

There's only one other thing I wanted to get done today  - clean out the front closet  - and I'll do that probably as supper is cooking. Then I plan to watch a show with the kids before bed and then READ with a glass of wine. Bliss.

Tomorrow I do need to give the house a good cleaning. But I like having weekends to do those things and then I go back to work on Monday feeling like I'm not behind the 8-ball.

The only lingering question is, what do I make with the fresh pumpkins I bought at the market? Pumpkin bread is sounding pretty good...


  1. Pumpkin bread sounds more than good. It sounds positively wonderful. We don't really have pumpkins around much until Halloween. But banana bread is an old favourite in this house.

    Ahhh ... almost Sunday. I had been hoping for a lie-in, but it's DH's birthday tomorrow and odds are the kids will race in at 7am with pressies. And of course all the ones old enough to make us breakfast in bed have flown the nest, so that only leaves me. Lucky, lucky me.

  2. lil pumpkin tarts if you are feeling gourmet-ish

  3. Ooo pumpkin bread sounds yum! And we had a nice lazy Saturday too, was very pleasant :) Have a great Sunday

  4. Pumpkin Bread....(said in the tones of Homer Simpson.) Sound divine. Can you cyber send me slice please? Caroline x