Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Writing Disabled Heroes and Heroines

In the September issue of Romantic Times magazine, there's an article about writing disabled protagonists. I was interviewed for it earlier this summer and I thought the article turned out really well and covered a lot of disabilities - from deafness to paralysis and lots in between.  As a follow up to that, Liz Fielding and I are blogging at the Romantic Times Blog today about writing her Matty and my Noah.  When I wrote Noah I had Matty in my mind, because knowing Liz had written a wheelchair-bound heroine (and that she ended up with a RITA award because of it) told me it could be done.  It was a lot of fun putting this together with Liz.

I think you might have to log in to the RT site to comment, but I'm not sure. But you can take a peek at the article anyway. :-)

Otherwise it is on to finishing revisions today.  And may I just make a comment on the weather?  It's hot.  It's supposed to get to 40C today with the humidex. And the same for tomorrow. We have a couple of portable air conditioners but it only keeps the house bearable, not cool. When I got up this morning our bedroom was still 25.5 degrees. It should clear off on Friday though, lovely, right?  Except it appears we're possibly on track for a direct hit from Hurricane Earl....


  1. Interesting article, Donna. I'll be writing a disbled hero - Nathan from McShannon's Chance - when I'm finished with my current WIP. It's a fine balance, isn't it? But you certainly pulled it off.

  2. I love disabled heroes. They're always the ones that stick in my mind because they have the most amazing character and strength. It's a great article!