Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Working away....

I'm still looking for a name for my crafty-type store for the new book.  For details - the owner's first name is Jess, it's situated on Lilac Lane in the east coast seaside town of Jewell. I'm looking for something kind of whimsical. I thought of Lilacs and Lollipops but that sounds like a gift shop to me.  Someone suggested Art Attack which I think is very clever but says more Art Gallery to me (filing that one away for future reference). Then I thought Bluebells and Cockleshells, but that's for the skipping rhyme, the Mary Mary Quite Contrary rhyme is SILVER bells and Cockleshells.  Sigh.  All suggestions welcome!  And there is a prize involved if I choose a name someone's suggested....

I also have working titles for all 3 proposed books in the series.  The first one - you'll notice the sidebar word count meter has changed - is Fortune at Fiddler's Cove. 

I keep working away at it though in small doses.  Today the 3 female members of the family are all getting their hair cut (pampering for me, back to school-ish time for the girls) and then it's off to Staples for school supplies before the mad rush begins.  Yesterday we went through any unused supplies from last year and also clothing. The good news is the youngest only needs indoor shoes and a few pairs of jeans/yoga pants. The bad news is the eldest is going to be naked if we don't do some serious shopping.  The one good thing about the eldest is that we can shop both in kids and ladies' sections so we have some flexibility.  But the clothing trip will wait for another week.  And tomorrow my editor is phoning about revisions so I can have a clear plan before I launch in.


  1. Gosh I'm really struggling with a title for your book! The only thing that sprang to mind was "Harbor Ligts" since it's situated in a seaside town. But that doesn't include any of the "buzz" words you mentioned - sorry! Caroline x

  2. Art Attack (unfortunately) is the name of a TV show in England, which also has a magazine, and merchandising (a pencil case at any rate). Don't think its going anymore, but very high profile with the 'swingset' set. Am thinking about your crafty problem...

  3. The Lilac Paintbrush
    Jess' Craft Wonderland
    Lilac Craft Wonderland
    Lilac Lane Craft Box
    Jess' Lilac Jewels

    Morton Gray x

  4. Good luck with the back-to-school shopping. My kids have graduated college now, so I'm out of that job. YES!!!

    As for names:
    Art Smarts
    Daft for Crafts
    Jewells' Tools and Crafts
    More or Less with Jess

  5. Poor clothesless eldest child! It's tough that growing thing.

    There are some really fantastic ideas. I really like Lilac Lane Craft Box.

  6. Ain't shopping fun? As for a name, how about Among the Lilacs?