Friday, August 13, 2010

When it all comes together....

Most of you know that I like to have a theme song...well, I've got it for Fortune at Fiddler's Cove. Pink's Glitter in the Air. I dig this song a lot and couldn't believe it was Pink when it came out.  I remember an awards show several years ago right after she began her career where her behavior was eyebrow-raising. In recent years though her music has showed a maturity and a sense of humour that is wonderful. This song is beautiful.  And I knew it was right because when it came on in the car last night, I could SEE things play out and I had to blink several times.  Yep, this song is for my heroine for SURE.

I'm off to get some work done before the kids have friends over later so have a good weekend.  You can still send suggestions for the craft/artisan shop over the weekend as I'm going to make a decision on Monday. :-)

For now - happy Friday the 13th and have a listen.


  1. Pink is one of my favorite artists, particularly that song. I have all of her music, so glad to see you've become a fan. I think I I love her for the same reason I'm drawn to alphas in romance, there's that tough bravado thing she does, yet a vulnerable person underneath. You hear raw emotion in her lyrics and in her amazing voice, that's missing in most pop music.

  2. I love Pink too. It's nice that she hasn't gone as crazy as some of the other artists and has matured instead.