Monday, August 23, 2010


If you've been reading the blog, you know we've had a pretty great summer.  This weekend carried on that tradition - my sister and brother in law were here for the weekend.  My brother in law is also my husband's brother, so getting together is especially fun.  They were both here early Friday afternoon, and after a trip to the grocery store we ended up floating in the pool and then having a great barbeque. We went to the neighbour's for a while and then came back and had a fire in the fire pit.  Saturday was a big breakfast, relaxing, more pool time, and then all of us went to the track to watch the car races. We had never gone before and it was fun! There was a pro stock tour race on and it was a good time.  We came home and played cards.

They left yesterday morning, and then yesterday afternoon was the company barbeque at a nearby park.  We got home and I was plain old exhausted.

But it was a great weekend and now it is back to work with a vengeance. It has been a wonderful summer and there is really only a week left until school is back in.  I will be sorry in a way to see it end, but in another way I will be glad because the fall is hopefully going to be very productive and it will be good to get back in a solid routine.

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  1. Yay back to work! (I'm a selfish reader ;-) ). I'm glad you had such a fabulous time. It's been great fun reading about it.