Thursday, August 12, 2010

Some bonus stuff....

I am doing admin this morning and have added a few things to my site.  First I've listed a few workshops that I've given or am giving over the next year.  If you're interested in hearing more about any of them, check them out on my Press Page and then give me a shout for more info.

And, I have neglected adding anything to my recipe corner for a while.  So this morning I added 2 more recipes - Beef on a Bun and Roast Beef with Red Wine Gravy.  The beef on a bun features in One Dance with the Cowboy, though Jen makes her sauce from scratch.  Which you can do. But while I was away our hostess Joyce made it using commercial barbeque sauce and it was SOOOOO good.  The leftovers were even better as the sauce had really soaked into the beef.  So I've put the "easy" version on the site. 

And the Roast Beef recipe is my "Company's coming, I want to make something special" recipe. It's a little extra work but very, very worth it. And it's not difficult.  It's just a few more extra steps than the regular throw it in a roaster, add flour/water/gravy browning to the broth for gravy. I'm nearly inspired to add my recipe for potatoes that I serve with, only I need to make them again and actually MEASURE as at the moment this recipe goes more like "fill the pot with potatoes, add a dollop of...."

So check out the Recipe Corner.  :-)

One of these days I'm going to have to set up a place for knitting patterns too I expect...

Now it's on to addressing envelopes for the post office run...


  1. I'm still thinking of the craft shop!
    How about 'Crafty Creations'

  2. A few suggestions for the craft shop's name if you haven't already decided:

    A Stitch In Time
    Treasure Trove
    Buttons and Bows