Thursday, August 05, 2010

New Brunswick Day

While we were away we left the dog at my inlaws.  They are doggy people and we knew my mother-in-law would spoil her to bits. It was perfect for Dreamer as she did what everyone should do on vacation - ate way too many treats and went swimming nearly every day. Anyway, last Thursday we packed up again and drove up to their place to spend the long weekend.

I should mention too that Dreamer got a puppy cut for summer.  At first I mourned the loss of her gorgeous coat. She no longer looks like a Duck Toller.  BUT, there is virtually no hair to vacuum and when she goes swimming, she's dry in no time flat.  Plus - it's been hot.  It's GOT to be more comfortable for her.  She looks like a puppy!  Still, I'm looking forward to her hair growing out a bit.

It is always a good time there.  For one, it's pretty relaxed. They're on a beautiful spot - nearly 5 acres on the river and there are other kids across the lane who my girls LOVE hanging out with.  My husband fixed their deck and steps, we ran errands and spent most evenings on someone's deck laughing wayyy too much.  We also celebrated my youngest's birthday - her grandfather cooked chickens on the barbeque and we had salads and cake and prezzies.  It was fun!

On Saturday night we went to a neighbours for a potluck barbeque, which was such a fabulous time.  We took hamburgers and hot dogs and as the grill was heating the sun was just right over the river and I took this picture, which I love. We finally went home shortly after midnight, while the girls had a sleepover.

Monday was New Brunswick Day but the dh had to work Tuesday, so we missed the celebration, which I am told was a whole lot of fun.  In the afternoon the husband and I came home while the kids stayed to spend some time with their grandparents and I'm told the majority of their time is spent running with the neighbourhood kids.  They are going to be exhausted but with tons of stories to tell.


  1. I mourn everytime the fur children get a cut because they look so different and then as I gradually remember the benefits I wonder why I don't keep them like that all year round :P.

  2. What great views! So peaceful. Caroline x